Inecto Permanent Hair Colour, the market leader in ethnic hair care, has been offering African women up to 100% grey coverage for over 60 years now. The brand aims to enable African women to express themselves through colour and offers them an affordable product to help do just that. Inecto Conditioner’s double conditioning formula with aloe and protein not only conditions and nourishes your hair, but also leaves a long-lasting shine.

We are constantly exploring exciting new offerings for our consumers and driving innovation in our category. For example, we were the first to launch an ethnic hair colour range.

Our portfolio comprises:

Inecto Originals – The products we started out with, simple hair colour formats such as powder, henna and crème. It includes Inecto Superblack Guaranteed Permanent Hair Colour, the number one selling SKU in the South African ethnic hair industry, and Inecto Henna Permanent Hair Colour Powder with natural ingredients.

Inecto Colour – A range of 11 exciting, vibrant shades, popular with our younger consumers who enjoy experimenting with hair colour. It was the first in the South African ethnic hair colour industry to introduce an Ethnic Blonde Hair Colour.

Inecto Plus – Includes an advanced shampoo formula developer that, when mixed with the colourant, forms a non-drip mixture. We also understand that treating your hair after applying hair colour is very important, which is where the Inecto Plus After Colour Treatment comes in.

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Mother's Day

In the South African context, mothers and grandmothers are the most important figures in a child's upbringing. What better way to pay tribute to all the mother's contributions, than to speak to our consumers about how their mums have shaped their lives and inspired them, on the occasion of Mother's Day?

Inecto Plus is committed to providing salon quality hair colour, in a range of vibrant exciting shades for the new and emerging consumer. Our hair colours are enriched with Inecto Conditioner, with aloe and protein. So it not only nourishes your hair, but also leaves a long-lasting shine.

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