At Godrej Consumer Products Limited, we have exciting and ambitious plans of growing our presence as an emerging markets FMCG leader. Innovation is key to our strategy and we are constantly looking for new ways to delight our consumers with superior quality products at affordable prices.

Our products are available in over 80 countries today and we want to rapidly increase this reach through exports, to 175 countries across the world. It is with this vision that we set up the Godrej Global Exports team. The newest of our global teams, it brings together team members from different Exports and International Business Development teams across six countries and four continents. These team members work out of their base geographies and collaborate with each other through different platforms.

Through this team, we are looking to build on the strength of our diverse product portfolio and foster collaboration on a global scale. We have clearly defined geographies and are exploring the potential of tapping newer markets. So, we are sharing and cross-pollinating learning, implementing cutting-edge technology and gathering consumer insights across our team. We are also leveraging the diversity of our unique, multicultural team. We firmly believe that this approach, will ensure that we are well positioned to tap into the tremendous potential of our exports business.

The Godrej Global Exports team, with GCPL senior leadership