Hi, I am
Magic &
this is Magic

At Godrej, we believe in magic & the importance of hand hygiene. Driven by this belief we set out to create a handwash that’s tough on germs, gentle on skin, and kinder to the planet. And this quest led to an innovation of our Powder to Liquid Handwash in our labs.

The powder comes in a tiny refill pack sachet containing 9g of handwash powder. Simply pour this powder into 200ml of water, give it a good shake, and voilà – your handwash is ready to use!

We’re also available in various fragrances such as Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera/Neem


Here’s how Magic works its
wonders in sustainability


Raw Material

Due to its concentrated form, raw material usage is less compared to conventional liquid handwash which further helps reducing packaging intensity.


Eco-friendly Transport

We can transport 4x times more refills per truck & also no water transport required, thereby, reducing carbon emissions. 


Reduced Waste

Our Magic handwash uses 89% less paper for transportation compared to conventional handwash. 


Water Efficiency

Manufacturing is completely water free as we are using concentrated form of powdered handwash. 


Renewable Energy

Our production uses 44% of the power requirements from renewable sources like photovoltaics. 


Lower Carbon Footprint

In comparison to conventional 200ml handwash, our Magic Handwash releases 62x times less CO2 during the product life cycle.


Sustainability Win

Life cycle impact analysis of Magic Handwash shows over 90% environmental impact reduction.